WordPress 4.0 – are you up to date?

With the release of WordPress 4.0, now is a good time to make sure your site is up to date. Why? Because otherwise you’ll miss out on all the great new things in WordPress.

From the Release Notes, some of the new features include:

  • Featured image previews now support .bmp files
  • Install WordPress in your language
  • Streamlined Language management right from the dashboard
  • Display embed previews for audio/visual URLs in Visual editor content box.
  • Page scrolling now scrolls post content box.
  • Edit Post/Page menu bar sticks to top of content box when scrolling (Visual and Text editor).
  • Add Media Grid view option (default) for Media Library
  • Add “Bulk Select” button to Media Grid view to delete multiple items
  • Improved media experience on small screen sizes (embedded videos now responsive)
  • Comments in trash can now be marked as spam.
  • Display plugins list as grid, with thumbnails, on Add New screen.
  • Add popup window with plugin details (displays info from plugin’s directory page).
  • Improved keyboard accessibility in the Add Media panel
  • Improved screen-reader support for Customizer sections
  • Makes links in help tabs keyboard accessible
  • Improvements for screen-readers when managing widgets in the Customizer

It’s also a smart move from a security perspective to keep up to date all the time. WordPress is a popular platform which means hackers are always looking for sites to break into and compromise. Don’t be one of those sites and keep up to date!

Did you know that Oh Bees can keep your WordPress site running lean and mean and save from those nefarious hackers? No? Give us a buzz and let us take the pain out of keeping your site running.

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