When I was 6 or 7, my parents bought me a Commodore 64 to play games on. Instead I wrote code. Fast forward 25+ years and here I am, still writing code. The what and the how might have changed over the years, but the passion still remains. I write functional code, designed to do a job and do it well. I write extensible code, allowing it to be used in new ways or built upon to undertake new work.

I’m more than just a coder. I am a business analyst and data analyst, having spent 7 years as a public sector finance officer. I developer websites and manage web servers, because I believe that doing it yourself and knowing your own set up is better and more secure than a cheap hosting plan.

I’m a motorsport aficionado, tragic golfer and enjoy a nice port at the end of a nice meal.

Nick Perkins is a Website Developer

I develop websites in CMS such as Drupal or WordPress, and have developed WordPress modules. I learned PHP back in 1999 before it was cool, and it still comes in handy today. I manage Linux servers, running a small server hosting websites, email, DNS servers and the like. I enjoy tinkering with technology and getting into the nuts and bolts of a system and working out the what, where why and how.

Nick Perkins is a Programmer

I am a self-taught programmer who is constantly learning new ways of doing things and new things that can be done. I am always striving to write better code, and develop better test processes, and in the process strive to become a better coder. I code regularly in VBA, Python and bash script, have dabbled in Java and Perl. I enjoy learning new languages and pick up new concepts quickly.

Nick Perkins is a Data Analyst

I develop Excel spreadsheets and perform data analysis for companies who need complex data calculations and data manipulation. This can range from a small spreadsheet designed to import and convert data into different formats, a reporting system for financial data extracted from SAP or other financial software, or a complex system of spreadsheets designed with interoperability in mind.