When I started making websites in the late 1990s, you either used a WYSIWYG website maker like HotDog or learned how to code the the thing yourself. Back in those days, websites came with “Viewed best in Netscape” badges because the concept of cross-browser compatibility was a pipe dream. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since the late 1990s.

Screenshot of one of my first websites captured by the Way Back Machine

One of my first websites (captured by the Way Back Machine which didn’t save the images)

My websites have come along way since the 1990s

These days just about anyone can have a website thanks to the multitude of Content Management Systems (CMS) that exist. WordPress, Drupal or SilverStripe are just three that pop into mind that are available free for anyone to download and install. In the case of WordPress, you can even go to their sister website and start a free blog. Even though they’re free to use doesn’t mean they are simple to set up, and with the case of the free WordPress.com blogs you can be limited in what you can do.

What’s so hard about starting a website?

Let’s take WordPress as an example as it’s the one I use the most, but most of these steps will apply to any CMS.

You need to

  • register a domain name
  • find a decent web hosting plan and sign up
  • make sure the domain name is pointing to your web server
  • upload all the files to your new web server
  • set up the database
  • run through the install process
  • set up the site structure
  • find and install plugins to get the functionality you want, and make sure they’re all up to date and compatible
  • find and install a theme, or get one made for you.

By this stage you still don’t have any of your content online and you’re probably pulled your hair out (unless, like me, you have none already).

The alternative is to get the help of someone who has the experience to help you build your website for you. Someone who can step you through the minefield, or do it all for you. Perhaps you want to do it yourself, but you just want someone there as a guiding hand when you get stuck. Maybe you need a website for your business but you just don’t have time to do it yourself. Maybe you just need help to understand all the jargon and decode all the technobabble.

That’s what Oh Bees does!

Having many years experience building and runnin websites and using, installing and customising WordPress and Drupal sites we have the skills and experience to help you. Whether you want to blog about your hobby, set up a website so your customers can find you on the web, or you need the power of a online sales system with payment gateways, we can help you achieve your goals.

Check out our portfolio to see some of the sites we’ve been working on, and then give us a buzz. We’re happy to answer your questions without obligation. So even if you decide we aren’t the right folk to help you perhaps we can help get you started on your journey.